Specializing in high-quality container trees.



Our focus at Garden Gate has been to provide our customers with high quality shade and ornamental trees. Through trial and error, we have learned a lot about growing containerized trees the last 12 years, and we know there is a lot left to learn, but our hope is to always ship the absolute best plant material we have to our customers. 

Sun Valley Maple leaf.jpg

Shade Trees

We grow a wide range of shade trees, from Autumn Blaze Maple to some different varieties of Zelkova.



Redbud Leaves


We carry quite a few ornamental varieties of trees in smaller number for the plants you need to spruce up your landscaping needs. 

Ponderosa Needles


Our Garden Gate West facility in the Willamette Valley of Oregon grows a wide variety of conifers from graft to 15 gallon pot size, 100 percent in container. We are happy to provide our customers with extremely high-quality conifer trees in a much lighter, and customer-friendly substrate- bark and peat moss.